It has taken this long for the body of Christ to be restored from what was lost during the reign of Constantine. He totally dismantled the church as “an assembly”, took us out of the community, put us in a building and thus removed the power and understanding of what Ekklesia actually is.

Jesus said “I will build my Ekklesia and the Gates of Hell will not prevail.”  He didn’t say “Church building”. There was no such thing in Jesus day.

After 300-400 AD the (church) was part of government. It was a way to control the Roman empire, and it is still the second largest on earth. This ‘Roman’ Catholic church, locked the bible (and god) inside buildings so they could control people with threat of hell.

Later when King James had his translators, translate the Bible, he had them substitute the word ‘church’ for ‘assembly’ (Ekklesia).  By changing one word, it changed the entire structure of what Christ had in mind for his body. This way, King James could make his own ‘church’ and kick out the Roman Catholics from England.

The word Ekklesia is used over 120 times in the New Testament. Today, most think of nothing more than a building when we think of church. But Christ, in that statement, “I will build my Ekklesia,” or my ‘gatherings/assemblies/called out ones’, they were given the power to open and close doors (Isa. 22:22)  and to bind and loose and perform baptism and communion. (Mat. 16:19).

The plan-demic had an unexpected benefit.

It has taken years for the restoration of the concept of Ekklesia to take root in the earth. It has taken the last few years and a combined effort of those around the globe to begin to build the Ekklesia.

Ekklesia is meant to gather in the local community, barns, parks, the open air and homes. This brings accountability, community, intimacy, responsibility and the ability for everyone to use their gifts.

Clearly, It is not a church in the home –  but it is a small gathering where local community can break bread together Fellowship, pray and help meet he needs of those in their community and be the actual spiritual government over that jurisdiction by using their Christ given responsibilities to bind and loose and open and close.

When each local Ekklesia gathers, its main business in addition to meeting the needs and helping those around them, is to win souls, make disciples and take Spiritual Authority over all the wickedness and wrongdoing that they see happening and developing in that particular jurisdiction. This is why we were given the keys to bind and loose – open and close.

In addition to that, our government is of the People, by the people and for the people and it is our responsibility to be sure that elected officials are keeping their promises and fulfilling their duties to the people.

Offerings are taken and used to help those who may be in financial need, not building payments.  This way 100% of the offerings go to charity.  Can you see the beauty of this setup as opposed to a church building?

Churches have to take in large offerings that they refer to as tithes so that they can pay bills, pay their mortgage, and the list goes on and on. What small percentage of church offerings actually meets the needs of those who are in a bind or need help.

How many people have become hurt and angry and left church because they have continuously given their monies to a church only to never receive help when they need it? This can cause bitterness in some.

We were never to be in a building.  We’re to gather on Fridays and Saturdays or whenever in our backyards and our family rooms and around our neighborhoods, have meals together, take Communion as a small group, sing praises unto God, pray for each other baptize in a river and rejoice in the love of our father.  Does it really get any better than that?

People, the church age is almost over!  We are entering the tribulation period, followed by the 1000 year kingdom age where Christ rules on earth.

Let’s get that concept of Ekklesia in our minds and help our local communities to begin to gather as the body of Christ in our homes. As our neighbors see the love we have for one another, this concept will embrace our entire area.

Now who can reject love? “Having fervent charity among yourselves.” Why? Because no one will have the right to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. It might come to pass that Christians have to provide jobs and income for Christians to survive – even before the tribulation!