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Is repentance necessary for salvation
and what is it biblically?
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Here is how you can accept Christ into your life:

  • Acknowlede that your you are a sinner before a Holy God.
    (I am a sinner)
  • Be willing to change your heart and attitude toward God.
    (Repentance toward God)
  • Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sin debt on the cross and rose from the grave and that Jesus is alive and will save you if you ask Him to.
    (Be saved by faith – simply ask Jesus the Christ to save you.)
  • Through prayer, invite Jesus Christ to save you.
    (Receive him as Lord and Savior) 

We suggest a prayer like this one:

Heavenly and Almighty God, I come before you humbled and sorrowful, aware of my sin against you, and I am ready to *repent toward You. I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus Christ, and I believe with my heart that Jesus died for my sins, paid my sin debt, and arose on the 3rd day and that Jesus the Christ is alive in Heaven with You. I now call up the Lord Jesus Christ to save me. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving me and giving me everlasting life with you.

Holy Spirit, help me to walk in your way, leaving behind my old life and starting a new life in you. I ask this is the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

*Metanoia – change your mind and heart about God and sin.

Can I be unbaptized to Christ by a Satinist?
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